Screen Systems began, as many businesses do, to simply fill a need. In 1979 our parent company, Northwest Graphic Supply Co., a full service screen print supplier, needed a better way to adhere fabric to frames in their screen making department. What followed was the first Instant Screen Adhesive, 4200. Still considered the finest, 4200 and its lower viscosity sister 4300, offers the most flexibility, highest strength, and lowest odor of any instant fabric adhesive in the market. This started a tradition of exploring other needs, determining the desired results, and filling those needs. Many suppliers borrow technology from other industries and try to "shoe horn" that technology into the screen printing industry. Many times this results in partial or poor solutions to the screen printers problems. Screen Systems products are designed and tested to provide the answers exclusively for the screen printers problems.


We know you will find every item we sell offers a unique feature that is specifically designed to benefit only the screen printer. A few examples are our washes, which clean quickly and thoroughly while easily rinsing out with water, eliminating rag usage and hazardous solvents. Or something as simple as a degreaser that can be applied with a spray bottle removed easily with a light water rinse (some degreasers seem to never rinse out).

Give Screen Systems a try and experience products designed exclusively for you, the screen printer. You are our only business! Our goal is to supply your needs.

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